National Company manufactures Electric Car Charger

Sindustrial developed the solution, standing out for being 100% Brazilian

The search for sustainability is increasingly high in the market, as we see through the increasing implementation of renewable power energy production and biodegradable products, for example. The world has adapted to this bias, according to the International Energy Agency, in 2017 the sale of electric and hybrid vehicles exceeded 1.1 million units. In Brazil, in 2018, the electric car fleet grew by 65% over the previous year.

Sindustrial is a company located in Bauru, state of São Paulo, that stands out in the energy sector. Since 2012, it has been working with solutions in the production of renewable energy through products for solar plants. Now in 2019, launches SinCharger, a fast charger of electric cars, following the line of sustainability and innovation that the world has demanded.

The company's director Gabriel Daré explains “Electric car chargers are divided into AC charging types, which have slower charging and DC, which is characteristic of fast and ultra-fast charging. In the case of our fast charger, a car can be charged within 20 minutes. ”

According to CPFL data, 1 kilometer driven from a combustion car, considering the value of ethanol, costs approximately $ 0.19, while in an electric vehicle it is $ 0.05, or 75% less. "The idea is to develop the national industry giving competitiveness and flexibility to the sector, because until then we depended on the importation of secondary products, such as shippers for example.", Comments the director.

SinCharger is the only locally manufactured product that delivers efficiency in excess of 94%. The Electrical Engineer, Odair Marques, states that the charger was developed with focus on the need of the sector, being a flexible product, and being “a scalable product, that is, it can adapt to several charging points, besides the several possibilities of communication and connectivity. ”Explains.