The 1.200 MW mark promotes the reduction of the risks of electric accidents in relation to the implantation of solar energy.

Providing the String Box for Brazil and South America, Sindustrial showed improvements in the area of solar energy systems, as a result of improvements in the product, which now reaches the mark of 1,200 MWp. The company is in the sector of projection and installation of solar energy since 2012 and guarantees that its growth in the area will be continuous. The installation process of the Photovoltaic Power Plant of Pirapora, the second largest power plant in Latin America and third largest in the world, takes the name of Sindustrial and demonstrates the company's recognition in the field.

The SINBOX, String Box developed by Sindustrial, is the symbol of efficiency in photovoltaic solar installations. The fully automated product reduces the risk of electric accidents at the solar power plant by promoting the safety of the power plant and its workers. Its high quality adapts to the big, medium and small industries, without the loss of quality and effectiveness due to the tailor made projects developed by the Sindustrial Production Team. By adapting the product in several ways, Sindustrial's String Box can be made of thermoplastic, metallic material, with monitoring or without monitoring, varying according to the wishes and needs of the consumer.

The innovation is in SINBOX, is in Sindustrial.