Both industrial and photovoltaic, the Sindustrial Electrocenters receive an electrostatic painting process, which guarantees resistance to the oxidation process, avoids damage to the panel, gives a better finish to the product and also optimizes the use of chemicals, minimizing impacts to the environment.

We produce Eletrocentros that has as main characteristic the mobility to receive diverse applications such as Photovoltaic Solar Generation Plants, command house for substation, unitary substation, electric house for mining, civil, telephony, warehouses, among others. This variety is due to the fact that our Electrocenters are flexible, adapting to any dimension, application and environment. In addition, our Eletrocentros are designed to comply with all standards and technical requirements, to be it safety, health, environment or quality.

The Sindustrial Eletrocentros eliminates infrastructure spending and has a better lead time than a masonry solution, with the safety and quality of any factory-assembled product