- Cubicles up to 36kV
- Unit Substations up to 36kV
- Substations of Mediation and Protection
- Distribution Charts
- Lighting Distribution Boards and Outlets
- Engine Control Center (CCM)
- Automation Panels
- Protection Panels for Electrical Systems
- Boxes and Special Cabinets

Our Electrical Distribution Panels are certified according to the regulated standards, they are made with high quality steel sheets and the components are the most current on the market.
Our machines are automated and very modern, thus guaranteeing precision in cuts and folds. Therefore, it allows us to create projects according to the needs of the client.

SINVSOLAR: photovoltaic inverter for solutions from 10kW up to 6MW.
SINVSOLAR solutions can be used from Distributed Generation (generations for residential, commercial and industrial use) to concentrated generations (large power generation plants).
We have partnered with Danfoss for technology transfer. Always respecting the index of nationalization with FINAME of BNDES (National Development Bank). Acha que deveria traduzir isso também?

SINBOX (or combiner box), in addition to the other products for solar photovoltaic installations, ranges from 1 string to 32 string for large photovoltaic plants.